Graphistrength® is being used mainly for two reasons: electrical conductivity and/or mechanical enhancement properties.

Graphistrength® has to be added at the percentage level between 2 and 3% in the matrices to reach relevant electrical conductivity, wheareas a low amount down to few hundred ppm (0,0x% in wt) is enough to get significant mechanical enhancement in different matrices from thermoplastics to specific composites formulations.

Some examples of applications are listed below for the electrical conductivity performance

Electronic packaging: hard disk trays

  • better conductivity homogeneity
  • better cleanliness as less fillers than traditional conductive additives
  • better mechanical properties of the final parts that allows new design
  • better yield in processing

Automotive: Fuel lines

  • better impermeability to biodiesel
  • better impact resistance at cold temperature
  • better processing as lower viscosity

Spray coated parts

  • console for automotive
  • conductive plastic parts that alloys no conductive primer usage
  • better yield in the process with lower waste
  • better final aesthetic


  • li-ion batteries for mobile phones and in the future for electrical vehicle
  • increased power for lower amount of fillers than carbon black
  • better life time of the battery

Some examples of applications are listed below for the mechanical performance

Paper industry: reels composites

  • significantly improved wear resistance
  • cost effective reformulation with less fibbers

Industrial pipes for waste water

  • use of ppm level of CNT to improve rigidity: opportunity to reduce thicknesses
  • improvement of UV resistance, welding resistance
  • better processing and better productivity