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Research and development

Nanomaterials represent a rapidly growing, strategic field with considerable economic potential.

Graphistrength® R&D team missions

Synthesis of Graphistrength® multi-wall carbon nanotubes

  • catalyst optimization
  • process optimization
  • optimization of production costs
  • renewable raw materials

Development of products in the Graphistrength® product range

  • continuous improvement of products' properties
  • optimization of products' dispersibility
  • adaptation of the range to customers needs

Development of applications

  • low concentration additive in thermoplastic
  • improvement of mechanical properties in concrete
  • high purity additive for Lithium-ion batteries
  • ESD and shielding coatings

Cooperation and partnership

In many areas in which carbon nanotubes are used, the Arkema group R&D teams largely focus on application and use application methods that are representative of its customers' practices.

In particular, as a leading international chemical company heavily involved in the development of polymer materials, the Arkema group operates its own facilities within its R&D centers and pilot sites for the processing of thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer resins, with the related know-how.


Finally, the Arkema group is establishing a large number of cooperations and partnership ventures with various players from academia and industry involved in carbon nanotube applications.

Graphistrength® Extrusion film
A presse injection