Manufacture of Graphistrength® multi-wall carbon nanotubes

The Arkema group is a major industrial supplier of multi-wall carbon nanotubes. Produces from reactor in powder form, Graphistrength® carbon nanotubes are marketed as easy-to-use specialty masterbatches.

Synthesis process

Graphistrength® nanotubes are produced via catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CCVD) process in fluidized bed type reactor using proprietary catalytic system.


Product is recovered as free flowing aglomerates with characteristics that are perfectly controlled and stable over time.


Since 2011, the Arkema group successfully operates an industrial pilot unit having a capacity of 400 tons per year.

A bio-sourced process

This unit has been specially designed to use agricultural ethanol as main feed stock.

As a responsible manufacturer, and in keeping with the precautionary principle, Arkema put in place from the very launch of the project a CNT-specific health-safety-environment initiative to ensure the protection of its employees, users, and the environment. Its code of conduct is based on three principles: prevention, permanent knowledge acquisition, and transparency with stakeholders in accordance with the advice of the January 2009 French Public Health Council.